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Archive | Concepts of Liberty

A Libertarian Perspective on Spanking

The concept of spanking as part of training a child seems to be at odds with the basic tenet of Libertarian philosophy: Do not initiate violence. Most libertarian discussion assumes adult to adult interaction, because the autonomy of adult individuals is straight forward. There is an equality among adults, a self-responsibility and self-direction, that is […]

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Should a Freedom Lover Work for the Government

There are two completely opposing answers you are likely to get if you ask the question,”Should a freedom lover work for the government?” Those who believe government protects our freedoms will say, “yes,” often equating such employment to religious commitment. Those who observe that any government other than self-government is using force to ensure compliance […]

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Why Call Myself a Libertarian

Overall, I think political labels are confusing and manipulative. As such, I don’t call myself a libertarian so much as use the currently common vocabulary in ways that I think will pique people’s interest. Hopefully, as any discussion proceeds, it will be more about principles and their practical applications. These principles are more enduring than […]

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