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Decentralized Parenting or How Parenting is Like Economics

Just like in politics, parenting has it’s parties. One party says keep the children institutionalized with psuedo-parents for most waking hours. Don’t let the birth parents have too much influence over the tender children, or they might traumatize them. A cadre of governmentally licensed or religiously approved caretakers are said to be much more capable […]

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A Christian Questions Imposing Biblical Law on Society for Government or Economics

The Bible doesn’t have a lot to say about politics or how to govern a country.  The only example of a government chosen by God is His theocracy, which, strictly speaking, failed because of the wickedness of the human heart.  And while no one rises to power without God’s allowing it, evil power exists because […]

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Making Decisions About Letting Your Kids Play with Neighbor Kids

Every responsible parent faces this sooner or later:  How do you decide about letting your children play with less disciplined children?  It’s not that we expect perfection.  There were days when I was only caring for my own children, when I would have this little humorous conversation in my head, where I would tell them […]

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