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The Happy Libertarian Discusses Homeschooling with Kenny the Wizard

Kenny the Wizard does a regular podcast called Wizardly Wisdom. Catchy title, no? I really enjoyed my interview with him. (the Soundcloud podcast is embedded below) We concentrated on homeschooling, including record keeping and explaining concepts to kids. He is a parent of young children and had a lot of good questions and comments. The interview […]

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Should a Libertarian Parent Train or Discipline a Child

Opposing libertarian views on children Among those claiming a libertarian philosophy , there are basically two opinions about what the parent-child relationship should be. Some libertarians think it should be basically the same as any adult-adult relationship. Children should be allowed to make all their own choices unless serious physical harm is imminent. Training is […]

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How to Explain Government to Your Child (or anyone, for that matter)

Too many times we start discussions about government with “how it works.” There are assumptions about keeping order and peace and it all being done in everyone’s best interest. We are supposed to believe, and teach our children, the relationships of individuals can and should be directed by a central focus of power and decision […]

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