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How to Use Experts Responsibly

Knowing things is useful and helps us make decisions. Obviously. However, we each, individually, can’t know everything. Not only that, but what is considered correct sometimes changes over time and unless you are somehow connected to the discussion, you might miss that. So we often turn to those more knowledgeable than us to get more […]

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Should a Freedom Lover Work for the Government

There are two completely opposing answers you are likely to get if you ask the question,”Should a freedom lover work for the government?” Those who believe government protects our freedoms will say, “yes,” often equating such employment to religious commitment. Those who observe that any government other than self-government is using force to ensure compliance […]

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How to Talk to Your College Age Daughter About Human Trafficking

“What are you doing to fight human trafficking?” is the emotionally charged question that my college-age daughters are finding is prevalent at school. Some fellow students seem to think this is a good way to measure anyone’s compassion for other humans. Governmental powers are passing politically popular laws. Statistics and stories abound to shock people […]

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The Trouble With Political Labels

Or Should I Call Myself a Libertarian?   One of my college-age daughters asked me recently what a “neo-con” is. Though she can hold an intelligent conversation about important issues, political labels are often confusing. I told her there are reasons these political labels are both confusing and quite possibly beside-the-point.   1. Names of […]

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