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The Limits of Libertarian Ideas for the Family

One of the major mistakes a socialist makes is to try to extend normal family relationships to interaction between all adults. When I say ‘normal,’ I mean the type of relationship wherein people share and care for each other because of a mixture of love and obligation, without wages. The family members live together in […]

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A Libertarian Perspective on Spanking

The concept of spanking as part of training a child seems to be at odds with the basic tenet of Libertarian philosophy: Do not initiate violence. Most libertarian discussion assumes adult to adult interaction, because the autonomy of adult individuals is straight forward. There is an equality among adults, a self-responsibility and self-direction, that is […]

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How to Survive Being an Ignorant First Time Homeschooling Mom

Ignorance is not bliss for very long. Ignorance inevitably leads to facing unexpected problems. Here is a short, pathetically comical list of things I was ignorant about when we began to home school our children: 4 year old children are not likely to be able to write in cursive, especially in one day. Young children […]

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